The next few days will witness a huge aura of interactions on the topic of Find people nearby.
We will explain here and predict the future for this property. This characteristic of course will disappear sooner or later. The reason is that it is a property that was only born to die.
For over 18 months now, the telegram development team has been reporting that it has nothing to do with developing any innovative, competitive solutions.
and all the indicators suggest a telegram drop in download versus other applications, which may be lower than providing secure communication solutions.
This new telegram strategy is just for diffusion and appearance.
This is one of the strategies pursued by growing companies in their internal marketing operations.
Facebook may be more cautious and less risky when introduces the feature of mutual friends or even close friends.
But the question telegram have to answer in the next short time
Will be able to resuscitate this feature at all, or at least until it has a short target and is reinstated in the most overloaded indicators?