Coding for Kids: The Why and How.

Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task.

You may have also heard it referred to as “software programming” or “computer programming.” These instructions are communicated using a “computer language” that computers can understand.

These languages include visual blocks, Java, Python, and C. Learning to code expands problem solving and critical thinking skills, making it a great opportunity for kids to build those skills while young.

Coding for kids begins with drag-and-drop visual programming.

Kids connect blocks together to make programs.

Visual programming teaches the fundamental concepts without typing or syntax. This places the focus on the logic behind the code. Once they’ve learned the basics, kids can transition to more traditional programming languages like Python, JavaScript or C.

From online coding courses and games to in-person coding instruction and offline learning, there are endless coding resources available. Kids shouldn’t miss the opportunity to practice coding skills!

Why should kids learn to code?

Technology has never been more prevalent in our lives. Code is revolutionizing every aspect of today’s world – think self-driving cars, robot-assisted surgery, social media, new jobs, and more. Picking up coding helps children become better architects of their futures.

But learning to code isn’t just about the ability to program a computer.

Coding teaches important academic skills and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization.

Is it hard for kids to learn to code?

Coding requires a lot of typing and attention to precise syntax, and kids (who are just starting to learn) may get frustrated with syntactic issues and cryptic errors. Visual picture-based block coding eliminates the need for typing and syntax.

Kids simply connect blocks to create games, animations and stories, allowing them to focus on the logic behind the code. Learning programming has never been easier or more fun!

visual code blocks